Tickets are $1 a piece.

Only official St. Benedict Oktoberfest tickets are accepted for food and drinks at our event.


The main ticket booths can be found at the Belmont entrances of Oktoberfest (at Grove, Hanover, and Stuart Avenues), and a small kiosk is located between the Weingarten and the main food tent.


Cash or check (with proper identification) will be accepted at these locations to purchase tickets. ATM machines are also available near the northwest entrance to the Festplatz for your convenience.


Vendors in the Christkindlmarkt, with the exception of our Oktoberfest Kaufhaus and Lebkuchenherzen booths, will not accept Oktoberfest tickets.


Please drink responsibly. Non-alcoholic beverages are available in the food tent. Provide-A-Ride will be onsite should you need assistance getting home.


Listed below is our 2017 Menu. The 2018 Menu and pricing for this

year's St. Benedict Oktoberfest will be issued in the summer.

Keep checking back for more info.


Wurst Platter (12 tickets)

• Bratwurst

• Knockwurst

• Weisswurst

• Sauerkraut

• German Potato Salad

• Roll


Wiener Schnitzel Platter (12 tickets)

• Wiener Schnitzel

• Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

• German Potato Salad

• Roll



Kid’s Meal  (6 tickets)


Kid’s meal is served in a plastic Alpine hat and contains a Kinderdog (Beef Hot Dog),

Juice pack, and a container of Apple Sauce.



A la carte Items


• Sauerkraut    (2 tickets)

• German Potato Salad   (2 tickets)

• Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage (2 tickets)

• Bratwurst on a Brat roll  (4 tickets)

• Kinderdog on a Hot Dog roll   (3 tickets)

• Sauerkraut Balls - Don’t let the name scare you - they’re awesome!!! (5 tickets)

 (sauerkraut, sausage crumbles, onion, egg batter, cream cheese rolled into balls

and deep fried – served with cocktail sauce)

• Potato Pancakes with applesauce ( 4 tickets)

• Bavarian Jumbo Pretzel (Huge pretzel imported from Bavaria) (6 tickets)

• Soft Pretzel (a smaller version!)  (3 tickets)


Assorted Authentic German Desserts


• Black Forest Cake   (4 tickets)

• Apple Strudel    (4 tickets)

• German Chocolate Cake  (4 tickets)



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