Will there be shade?


Our HUGE “Bierhalle” tents offer shaded seating for hundreds of our guests.


Where do I park? Is it free?  Can I park in the neighborhood?


#OktoberfestRVA located in the Museum District. Parking information coming soon.


Is the “Festplatz” accessible for wheelchairs?


The Festplatz is accessible to wheelchairs.


If it rains do I get refunded any tickets I bought?


Food and drink tickets can only be used on the three days of #OktoberfestRVA. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds on unused tickets.


Can I bring my stein back the next day and reuse it for a discount?


As a current year steinholder, you get the benefit of steinholder pricing on each day of the event.  Note that you must be in possession of BOTH a St. Benedict Oktoberfest commemorative stein and a steinholder wristband.


Are there rain dates?


Due to scheduling conflicts with the school and Church, as well as the demand for our featured #OktoberfestRVA entertainment, we cannot schedule a rain date.  Our event occurs “rain or shine” but there is plenty of shelter to enjoy Oktoberfest!


Do you offer Babysitting services?


We ask that parents please monitor their children at Oktoberfest.  Whereas no babysitting services are provided, your children will want to participate in the children’s activities that are offered – like the Chicken Dance!


Do I HAVE to bring an ID?


If you wish to consume alcoholic beverages, you will be asked to present a photo ID – regardless of age.  We do this to assure that our consuming guests are of legal age, in compliance with state law.


When are the dancers dancing?


Please check out our schedule under the “Events” section of this Website.


What can my child eat?  Will there be children’s portions?


A la carte items include Kinderdog (hot dog), pretzels, gingerbread hearts and assorted German desserts and treats.  We are also offering a special Kinder Meal, which includes a Kinderdog, drink, and apple sauce, all served in an Alpine Hat!


Will there be Gingerbread Cookie Hearts?


Any true Oktoberfest must have Lebkuchenherzen!  Look for them in Christkindlmarkt.


Will there be a moonbounce?


Our Children’s area will have several activities, including a “Moonbounce.”


Are dogs (pets) allowed?


We ask that you leave your pets at home.


Can I bring my stein from last year and get a discount?


Beer will only be served in current year St. Benedict Oktoberfest commemorative steins or in the plastic cups provided at our event (if you are not a steinholder).


Can I bring my own stein?


Beer will only be served in #OktoberfestRVA commemorative steins or in the plastic cups provided at our event (if you are not a steinholder).


How do I buy food and drink at Oktoberfest?


Only official Oktoberfest tickets are accepted for food and drinks at Oktoberfest.  The main ticket booth can be found at the main entrance of Oktoberfest, and a small ticket kiosk is located along brewery row.  Tickets are $1 per ticket.   Cash or check (with proper identification) will be accepted.  We also have ATM machines available for your convenience.  Note that all attendees wishing to consume alcoholic beverages MUST present a photo ID at our ID table and receive a wristband indicating they are at least 21 years of age.


How do I buy merchandise at #OktoberfestRVA?


This varies per vendor, as some are equipped to take credit cards - but some are not.  The St. Benedict Oktoberfest merchandise booth will accept cash, check or official Oktoberfest tickets for payment.


How do I pay for children’s activities?


Only official Oktoberfest tickets are accepted for children’s activities.


What is the “Steinholding Contest?”


Whereas many oktoberfests have a single arm steinholding contest, the St. Benedict Oktoberfest is again unique with its double arm steinholding contest.  These contests are held on a regular basis throughout the event and require the participant to hold in each hand a large water-filled stein by its handle, keeping their arms extended horizontally to either side.  Participants are reminded throughout the event that they cannot bend their elbows or permit their arms to be lowered.  Should the water in either stein spill, the contestant is disqualified.  The last person standing without spilling water is declared the winner and wins the gift-certificate prize(s).  Contestants are permitted to keep the two glass steins, but these cannot be used for the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises.  The cost for each participant is $10 per contest.


Will you have the same foods you had last year?


We have made a few changes to our menu and encourage you to check out the “Food & Drink” section of this website for updates.


Will there be drinks other than beer and wine at #OktoberfestRVA?


Soft drinks and water are also available at Oktoberfest.


Where do the proceeds from the St. Benedict Oktoberfest go?


ALL proceeds from each year’s Oktoberfest are used to support direct and indirect scholarships and financial aid to the Catholic schools historically associated with Saint Benedict Parish– Saint Benedict Catholic School, Benedictine College Preparatory and Saint Gertrude High School.


Why does St. Benedict have an #OktoberfestRVA?


St. Benedict Parish has a strong German tradition, being established by the Benedictine monks who staffed St. Mary’s German Catholic Church in downtown Richmond.  With the growth of the “suburbs” in the early 20th Century, the Benedictines felt that establishing a new parish (and Catholic Military Boys’ School) in a suburb was a wise move.  Many of the charter members of the new St. Benedict parish were German, and a number were actually brewers.  When looking for an event to raise funds for scholarships, establishing an Oktoberfest with this history seemed natural!


I know you are having Oktoberfest, but can I still attend Mass?


Mass times will be posted soon!


Our parishioners and guests are encouraged to use the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts parking deck for parking during Mass.

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